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Membership Registration

Furthen down is part of the Constitution of Famagusta Tennis Club and it refers to the procedure of registration, Statute of the Club referring to the procedures for registration, rules and objectives of the Club as well as Members rights and obligations. For the whole Constitution please contact the Office. 

For registration please fill in and send the Registration form: 

Part of Constitution of Famagusta Tennis Club

Full Members

5. Full Members are those who have already settled their annual membership fees.

Registration of a Member

6. Member can become anybody who is over 18 years old and has submitted his application to the     Committee of the Club,supported by two other Members who have already been registered two years before the application date. A Person whose application has been rejected has the right to submit a second application after six months from the day the first one was rejected. If the second one is rejected, the person interested, doesn't have the right to submit another application during the period of the existing Committee that rejected it. 

Social Members 

7. Social Members are Members from abroad that have a temporary residence in the country and at the Club and are  approved by the Committee, but the duration of their stay should not exceed twelve months.
Junior Members
8. Junior Members are allowed to become Members between the age of 5-18 years old, on conditions of Article 6 by paying a registration fee decided by the Committee. They do not have the right to vote or be voted.

Righs and obligations of Members

12. Rights
Each Member has the following rights:

A) To enter the Club as well as his Family and underage children.

B) To use the Club's facilities bearing in mind to abide with the Articles of the Constitution, rules and decisions of the Committee.

13. Obligations

A) Each Member is obliged to pay his annual membership fee that is decided by the Committee. Late payment after the 31 st of March each year, means expulsion of the Member after a written notice sent by the Committee.

B) Each Member is obliged to act and behave according to the codes of conduct and take care of the Club's facilities.

C) Full Members are obliged to attend the Annual General Meetings and have the right to express their opinions always under the rules of the code of conduct.
D) Members are obliged to follow all articles of Constitution, decisions of Annual General Meetings and the Committee.

E) In case of a Member causing damage on the Club's property, he must replace it.

F) If a Member's attitute and behaviour inside or outside the Club is likely to bring the Club into disrepute the Committee has the power to expel him after a decision during a meeting with the majority of votes 4/7.

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