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This page will analyse the basic rules for training. A fitness professional coach named Jez Green emphasizes a simple message. Train hard, train smart, take care of your health and your performance will be the best.


Every exercise, has a specific influence on your body. For example, exercising the biceps muscles with heavy weight will strengthen the arm muscle, while using light weight will improve endurance. These kind of exercises will not affect the leg muscles.

You have to decide first which muscle you want to exercise, and then use the correct exercise.In order to improve your progress in the sport, you need to exercise your muscles and joints needed for the sport, as well as your speOed. The programme you follow has to be adjusted towards your needs.


To improve a part of your body, you have to overload it. That means you need to exercise it more than usual. In time, the part of the body is adapted to satisfy the need for growing demand.


Increase the frequency of exercise - how ofter do you exercise. For example begin to exercise twice a week, then increase the frequencey to three or four times.


Your body takes time to adapt to the increase of demand needed for the exercise. Therefore you have to increase the level of exercise step by step or gradually. Otherwise, you risk injuries of muscles or other injuries.
You will notice changes early in your training programme. The more you improve your form, the more difficult it becomes, to improve further your fitness. This means you reach the maximum of your possibilities and if you continue to exercise consistenly your condition will remain stable.


Unfortunately, the improvement of your fitness can reverse. If you exercise hard, your body becomes more skilful. If you stop exercise, it goes back to where it was before.

It takes only three to four weeks to lose your physical performance. You lose your resistance, your power, flexibility and speed. Very quickly your  results in running, or swimming get worse because the muscles don't use enough oxygen needed. The muscles not used become weak.


Increase of tension in exercise. how often do you do it. For example,  increase speed in running or the weight lifting. 

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