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Parents need to understand that in order for a junior athlete to acquire a professional attitute takes time and continuous effort. This means that they will have to start their kids training very early.

It is logical of course that responsibilities and duties of the athletes should be according to their age. Therefore, by raising the standard of duties, their confidence and the feeling of independence of their children, parents help them to change and progress helping them by leaving the infant stages to become  future professionals.

Under 12: at this age the young athletes should:
-Be ready to prepare on their own their sports bag( balls,raquets,water bottle, t-shirts etc)
-Be always on time for training or a match
-Be able to know the basic rules of tennis( counting, when they change courts sides etc)

Under 14: at this age the young athletes should:
-Know how to warm - up, before training or a match, without needing their coach to watch them
-Know when and what to drink and eat before training or matches and to be able to follow their routine.
-Be able to sign - in by their own
-Be able to find a doubles partner on their own
-Send their raquettes for restringing, and change their grips etc

Under 16:

At training: the athletes with or without a coach should:

-Train with high concentration and professional standard giving a 100% effort
-Control their feelings during training and matches.

At tournaments:

-Book courts for training and take balls on their own
-Wake up calls alarms on their own
-Spy on their future opponents
-Find what makes them confortable for preparation before matches
-Keep a good diet and know what is healthy ( vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates, fish,chicken and not to eat snacks sweets soft drinks etc).
-Be able to prepare on their own their sports bags for their upcoming matches, ( freeze gel, bandages, water, isotonic drinks, bananas,grips, socks, t-shirts etc)
-Know the level of each tournaments ( junior, satellites itf) rules of tournaments ( when to sign for lucky losers, for doubles etc) and all rules of tennis in detail.
-Be able to evaluate their effort and progress after their games.

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